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July 15, 2010 in Attitude

Some people always appear to be calm and self-assured, regardless of the circumstances. They always come across as self-confident and hard to rattle. Do you ever wonder how they do it? The answer is simple: they’ve chosen to respond to challenges differently than most people who are likely get into a tizzy.

Choosing differently isn’t always easy.

I remember my first full-time job. I was working at a psychiatric hospital cleaning bedpans. It was a terrible job. I felt I was above it. But that didn’t mean I did it well. I constantly showed up late, walked around with a chip on my shoulder, and talked back to my supervisor.

One day, she took me aside and told me she was ready to fire me unless I changed my attitude. She told me that I walked around as if I was angry all the time. Her honest feedback allowed me to take a look at myself and evaluate the words she had spoken.

You see, most of us mistakenly believe that our happiness depends on outside circumstances. We believe that by solving our problems, improving our relationships, or achieving success, we will find happiness and contentment. But our daily struggles tell us that these things are fleeting.

On any given day, at any given time, we can interact with someone, or something, that creates a whole new problem for us. This can upset the balance in our daily routines. As a result, we may become upset or angry—so much so that often we can think of nothing else but the situation causing these feelings of agitation. We allow ourselves to become consumed with anger, or jealousy, or worry, or some other unhealthy emotion.

Unfortunately, when we allow anger, stress, conditions, and desires to consume us, we surrender control of our lives to someone or to something else. We lose control and we forget about our power to choose differently.

When we remove the obstructions that keep us from enjoying these inherent positive feelings, the result is a more meaningful and beautiful experience of life. Consequently, to create that inner balance that is so essential to contentment, greater harmony, inner peace and spiritual growth, we need to be in control of our own minds. This helps us to remain centered and calm.

In life we all have choices. We can choose to use our minds as a powerful tool that can work for us or against us. It is important for each of us to remember, that no one else is responsible for our happiness. Regardless of the challenges we face, we can live happy, fulfilled lives if we learn to use wisely the resources within us.

You are the person with the most power to affect your life. You are the one who decides to be happy or unhappy about what you are experiencing. You are the one who gets to choose differently.

What do you choose today?

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